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Conceive it. Believe it. Achieve it.

About Kimberly

2013-09-18 17.15.21-FurukawaASKimberly Wiefling helps organizations achieve what SEEMS impossible, but is merely difficult. How? By turning managers into leaders and groups of people into real teams.

LEADERSHIP isn’t the same as MANAGEMENT.
A GROUP of PEOPLE isn’t the same as a REAL TEAM.

#1 Engaged Employees –> Agile Teams
#2 Agile Leadership and Management (Fast, Focused, Flexible) wins in a VUCA World.
#3 Diverse Global Teams Win – Crossing Borders and Boundaries of Every Kind

Kimberly says “My superpower is to help organizations achieve what seems impossible, but is merely difficult. The secret to success? It isn’t secret! But it does take discipline, and a bit of guidance and support. The best compliment anyone ever paid me is that I’m a ‘force of nature’ (the good kind!). Reading about exercise won’t make you strong, and leadership “training” doesn’t turn people into leaders. I create a ‘learning laboratory’ where people can experiment with more powerful ways of leading, behaving and communicating like the kind of leaders you admire. My ‘workSHOCK’ therapy changes behavior in ways that positively impact business results.”


  • RETAINED KEY EMPLOYEES: Reduced voluntary turnover in Japan’s #1 most innovative company of 2019 from 22% to less than 1% annually in a target audience of 250 managers over 5 years, and to 12% in their direct reports.
    • CRUCIAL: Monthly thinking partner teams holding each other accountable for implementing key insights, and executive sponsor showing interest and tracking progress.

  • IMPROVED MANUFACTURABILITY & ANNUAL FAILURE RATE (AFR): Reduced production time of an HP mass spec from 35 to 5 days, and reduced the AFR by more than half, through process optimization and an R&D NPI redesign team she led.

  • OPTIMIZED NEW PRODUCT INNOVATION (NPI) PIPELINE: Unclogged new product development processes in a company with over 300 engineers through strategic prioritization & resource allocation in alignment with company strategies.

  • INCUBATED INNOVATION: Half of ~90 “impossible” projects launched in these programs were partially or fully implemented in the years following their incubation.

Kimberly will get your stuck project team moving again, facilitate the discovery of breakthrough ideas, and inspire an entire company with her dynamic and energetic presentations. Even the most experienced project leaders will learn new and extremely useful things from Scrappy Kimberly. Scroll down to learn more about four of her most successful tools and areas of consulting. But, don’t let this list limit you. If you need help with anything related to the leading of a team, project, or organization, drop her a line or give her a call.

KIMBERLY’S DREAM FOR OUR WORKING WORLD: “I love to work with purpose-driven organizations committed to optimizing overall “success”, starting with defining what exactly “success” is for their complex stakeholder universe. Doing this we would demonstrate the superior results (including financial) such organizations enjoy, attract more investors to these better-performing investments (long-term), and attract more and better workers to these organizations. Eventually both investments and workers would preferentially flow to these kinds of organizations instead of the soul-sucking variety, and the sick, twisted, dysfunctional organizations of Our World, which will eventually wither and die for lack of financial resources and people.”